Overseas Investment

New Zealand is becoming increasingly attractive to overseas investors, with a wide range of business opportunities, coupled with a stable government and low regulatory hurdles in comparison to other countries. Hundreds of overseas investment applications have been approved over recent years, with net investment per annum exceeding $1.5 billion in both 2012 and 2013. The majority of investment in New Zealand comes from Europe, North America and Australia, with major trends occurring in farming, forestry, and agribusiness.

Our Overseas Investment team have considerable experience and skill acting on behalf of overseas investors looking to purchase land and business assets in New Zealand. Our expertise in this area is testament to our applied knowledge of the Overseas Investment Act, and our ability to understand the specific needs of our clients combined with the foresight required to plan submissions in a manner that mitigates issues arising.

Our history of successful applications with the Overseas Investment Office (OIO) has given our team the understanding required to ensure the average finalisation timeframes of our comprehensive submissions are well below the national average, meaning our clients save valuable time and costs due to minimal delays and alterations. These factors are a major contributor to our continued increase in referred business within the overseas investment arena.

The Overseas Investment Act generally affects transactions that include sensitive New Zealand assets, including land that is considered sensitive. Determining sensitive land is dependent on individual transaction details and can sometimes be straightforward, but our strengths lie in our team’s ability to determine the levels of consents required, ensuring that a smooth and successful consent process is obtained.

Due to the nature of our intimate understanding of our client’s ventures during the Overseas Investment process, we are often able to assist with many other facets of their legal requirements, strengthening the overall structure of their businesses and investments.