• Trusts
    The Trusts Act 2019 passed on 30 July 2019 and will replace the Trustee Act 1956 with the purpose of making the law more accessible to both trustees and beneficiaries of trusts. The Trusts Act will come into effect in January 2021, and there is a lot that trustees should be considering as a result of the new Act.
  • Immigration
    Our immigration team are leaders in seamlessly assisting migrants and businesses towards the ultimate outcome of living and operating in New Zealand. With a very high standard of living, outstanding natural landscape, and attractive commercial environment, New Zealand continues to prove an irresistible choice for multiple reasons.
  • Data protection and privacy
    With the evolution of new technology platforms happening at unprecedented levels, the parameters around the collection, storage and disclosure of personal information of individuals and employees has increased at an exponential rate. Personal data is more valuable than most of us realise, making data protection and privacy compliance a mandatory requirement for businesses of any size.

COVID-19: Managing legal implications

As a firm, we have been critical in supporting people and businesses through the Global Financial Crisis, Canterbury earthquakes and other industry specific downturns. We are here to support you in the creation of strategies and implementation of solutions relating to COVID-19.
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Meet our people - Matt Yates

I specialise in corporate and commercial law with a particular focus on capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, takeovers and joint ventures. I have particular sector expertise in energy andMore >>
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