Construction & Projects

Planning a construction project?

We can help.

If you choose to work with us, you’ll benefit from our proven ability helping get projects off the ground. – We advise on all types of construction and infrastructure projects, from the repair of residential housing, through to the design-build of commercial offices and the construction of irrigation schemes. Our clients range from private developers to parties involved in public-private partnerships between governmental organisations (and state-owned corporates). It’s part of moving on tomorrow, today.

If you are planning a construction project, we can help make your project a success by working with you to put the deal together.

We have project teams who operate across all sectors, advising on project funding, resource management, structuring, procurement processes, and health and safety. We have particular expertise in the Canterbury rebuild, irrigation, infrastructure, and the procurement and delivery of projects by governmental and semi-governmental organisations.

Our approach is to front-end risk issues to mitigate risks for our clients. We have strong relationships with insurers, project managers and contractors, and can protect you by ensuring that:

  • risk is allocated appropriately under contractual arrangements; and
  • alternative strategies are employed such as retentions, bonds and step-in rights.

We are familiar with, and have drafted, a wide range of construction contracts, including both bespoke agreements and standard forms such as NZS, FIDIC, AS, NEC and NZIA. Seeking advice early will help to protect you against many of the more common, yet totally unnecessary, losses others have suffered.

Of course, if things go wrong, we have specialist dispute resolution, litigation and insurance practitioners who can help you resolve your issues or dispute.