The education sector continues to undergo significant change. Institutions there are not only grappling with substantial asset damage, they also face a sustained drop-off in international student numbers and need to structure themselves to deliver tangible cost efficiencies and generate sustainable income streams.

The funding pressures, changes in legislation and policy that education providers face have long term implications. They will see tertiary institutions and research institutions alike entering into new commercial arrangements and joint ventures in the months and years ahead, both with each other and with other interested parties.

Our advice spans a broad range of legal areas relevant to tertiary institutions, where we have built considerable knowledge of the risks and opportunities they face. In particular, we have significant skills in advice around structures, rights, licensing, regulatory compliance, funding and development arrangements and the legal aspects of interacting with the media in terms of quantifying disclosure and liability.

The firm has longstanding relationships with the University of Canterbury and Lincoln University, having advised both universities on commercial agreements, governance, tax, employment, property and intellectual property issues.

As a result of all this work, we can now offer tertiary institutions and research entities the advice they need to meet their obligations, secure the funding they require to proceed with confidence and participate in arrangements around the world that benefit them intellectually and financially.