Duncan Cotterill qualifies for YWCA Equal Pay Best Practice Compact accreditation

16 February 2017

In November 2016, Duncan Cotterill qualified for the YWCA Equal Pay Best Practice Compact accreditation. The Compact accreditation was created to provide an entry-level platform for businesses that have started their equal pay journey and it recognises our commitment to equal pay and gender diversity. This is the first time Duncan Cotterill has entered and it is our intention to enter the supreme awards in the future.

To be considered for the accreditation, the firm was assessed by a judging panel to demonstrate best practice principles in relation to equal pay between male and female employees. In the application we responded to a series of questions including whether the firm conducted an analysis of gender pay differences, the role of senior management/ governance visibility and action, strategy development, what actions and initiatives are in place or being developed relating to equal pay policy and practice and how this is communicated internally.

For further information please contact Kirsten Wood, Human Resources Manager.