Resource Management

Whether you are a property owner, developer, farmer or industrial or commercial business owner, the planning and environmental rules determining what you can and cannot do with land, water, air, coast and rivers are complex. So are the processes, applications and hearings associated with these rules, so much so that they easily overwhelm those without specialist knowledge.

That is where our resource management lawyers come in, with our expert understanding of the Resource Management Act, its procedures, related legislation and how the district plan and regional planning documents work. We have a proven track record in helping our clients succeed while keeping on the right side of councils, environmental agencies and their rules. Our advice is delivered to get the best outcome from any application, hearing, objection, appeal or other appeal process triggered by these rules. It’s not just about ticking boxes, but looking for innovative ways to help you improve your position.

We are well placed to help you succeed in practical ways. With our knowledge of relevant plans, policy statements and national guidelines we can assist you in land purchases and new project proposals by doing the necessary pre-purchase checks for you, undertaking due diligence and providing advice in relation to resource consents required for proposed developments. Our experience with resource consent and plan change applications can help maximise your chance of successfully getting all the right approvals for big and small projects alike, as we take your application from preparation stage through to presenting your case at hearing. 

We can also assist you in opposing any new planning document rule or policy changes or resource consent application which might threaten your new project or well established operation or even your peaceful rural amenity. We are also well placed to represent you in objection hearings and appeals to the Environment Court, should you not get the result you want from the Council, whether as an applicant or submitter. There are many other ways to end up in Court in resource management proceedings, where we can advise and represent you, be it in relation to a prosecution, declaration proceedings or land acquisition matters.