Resource Management

We have a team of environmental and resource management specialists, with in-depth experience across the full range of natural resources and planning law, advising clients in:

  • Ensuring proposed purchases or projects will meet environmental requirements;
  • Strategic planning and management of resource consent processes for new projects;
  • Opposing or challenging inappropriate projects, resource consents, or local body decisions;
  • Participating in the development and amendment of planning documents (plans and policy statements);
  • Responding to enforcement investigations, notices, prosecutions and other proceedings;
  • Dealing with central and local government on conservation and reserves related issues and proceedings.

We act across all sectors, from rural through to, coastal, marine, industrial and urban, for clients ranging from private individuals through to dairy farmers and processors, miners, quarries, developers, foresters, marine farmers, insurers and the public sector.

We represent our clients in hearings at all levels and forums, including council hearings and the District, Environment, High, Appeal and Supreme Court.