Professor Rob Merkin QC

Special Counsel

I am Lloyd's Professor of Law at the University of Exeter and I teach the LLM in Insurance Law at the University of Auckland. In addition, I am Honorary Professor of Law at the University of Queensland and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and visiting Professor at Sydney University and City University Athens, and I teach insurance and reinsurance law at all of those institutions.

I am past president of the British Insurance Law Association, vice-president of the International Association of Insurance Law (AIDA) and served as consultant to the English and Scottish Law Commissions for their project on the reform of insurance law 2006-2016. In 2009 I was Distinguished Visitor for the Singapore Academy of Law, in 2010 I was awarded a prize by the Australian Insurance Law Association for my contribution to insurance law and in 2012 I was appointed to the Hotung Fellowship by the University of Canterbury to deliver a series of lectures on earthquake insurance. In 2014 I was awarded a higher doctorate (LLD) by Cardiff University and acted as Special Adviser to the House of Lords Special Public Bills Committee on the Insurance Bill (now Act). In 2015 I was made a QC honoris causa by the Crown. 

As well as advising insurance companies and brokers, I give seminars to lawyers, the insurance industry and national insurance law associations worldwide. In particular I have spoken on a number of occasions for the NZ Insurance Law Association and the Australian Insurance Law Association, and I give regular updates for the Lloyd's Market Association and the British Insurance Law Association.

I sit as an arbitrator, and I have had a number of appointments in England, Hong Kong and Singapore.

I have written a number of texts including:

  • Colinvaux's Law of Insurance in New Zealand (2nd edition, December 2017),
  • Insurance Contract Law,
  • Reinsurance Law,
  • Insurance Law in Hong Kong,
  • Marine Insurance Legislation, and
  • the Law of Motor Insurance.

My books have on three occasions won the annual prize from the British Insurance Law Association. I am also co-author of Sutton's Law of Insurance in Australia. I edit  the Journal of Business Law, the Lloyd’s Law Reports, Arbitration Law Monthly and Insurance Law Monthly. From 2005 to 2011 I was co-editor of Legal Studies, the journal of the Society of Legal Scholars.