Paul Smith


I have been involved in civil litigation for over 27 years, with most of that time spent working for insurers. I undertake a wide range of civil litigation including commercial property disputes and defending prosecutions under the Health & Safety in Employment Act and Resource Management Act.  I have handled subrogated recovery claims and defence litigation for insurers including State, NZI, Lumley, AMI and Allianz. This has included cases involving arson and fraud, complex civil cases, leaky building disputes and earthquake litigation, at all Court levels up to the Supreme Court.

Highlights of some of my recent cases include:

  • High Court litigation involving a dispute over the extent of earthquake damage sustained to large commercial buildings.
  • Disputed claim concerning damage sustained as a result of alleged misapplication of commercial spray.
  • Fire at a commercial factory caused by fraud and arson.  The claim by directors was declined and criminal proceedings were instituted against one of the directors.
  • Recovery action following a fire at a processing plant in Hawkes Bay.
  • Litigation following the sinking of a large yacht in a storm.