McLean Institute (Trust Variation) Bill

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The McLean Institute at Christchurch intends to promote a private Bill, the “McLean Institute (Trust Variation) Bill” (the Bill), by petitioning the House of Representatives that the Bill be introduced into the House.

A copy of the Bill will be available for inspection without fee during office hours between Wednesday 3 May 2023 and Wednesday 31 May 2023 at the offices of Duncan Cotterill, 148 Victoria Street, Christchurch.

A copy of the Bill can be accessed for free here and a copy of the Notice of Intention to Promote a Private Bill can be accessed for free here.

The object of the Bill is to vary the terms of the McLean Institute, including its charitable objects and the powers of its trust board, by varying the terms of the Trust contained in the will of the late Allan McLean (as amended by the McLean Institute Act 1909, the McLean Institute Act 1930, and the McLean Institute Act 1934).

These changes are proposed to enable the assets of the McLean Institute to continue and be used to provide assistance to, and promote the welfare and well-being of, disadvantaged women residing or located in the specified region (and the children in the care of such women) who the Board of the McLean Institute considers are in need of care, support, and assistance due to poverty, ill health, or other circumstances, whether temporary or long-term.

The promoter of the Bill is the McLean Institute.

Communications about the Bill may be sent:

  • via post to the McLean Institute, PO Box 34060, Riccarton, Christchurch (Attention: the Chairperson); or
  • via post to Duncan Cotterill, 148 Victoria Street, Christchurch 8013, (Attention: C Sykes and S Caradus); or
  • via email to and

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