Duncan Cotterill helps secure the sale of Taska Prosthetics to the Eqwal Group

Taska prosthetics
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TASKA Prosthetics, one of the world’s leading myoelectric multi-articulating hand companies, has been acquired by Eqwal Group.

The integration of TASKA into the Eqwal network strengthens the group’s technological product range, thereby consolidating its position in the global upper limb prosthetics market.

TASKA perfectly aligns with Eqwal’s mission to provide innovative products that offer significant benefits to patients through high-tech devices. The acquisition will accelerate the availability of leading technology and will transform lives globally.

Duncan Cotterill are proud to assist and help Kiwi businesses like Taska Prosthetics realise their potential. If you’re thinking about selling or buying a business, please contact our Corporate Team.

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