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Often workplace complaints are factually complex, based heavily on personal recollections, and relate to alleged incidents which occurred over an extended time period. This is particularly so in the case of complaints concerning alleged bullying or sexual harassment. In these situations, a fulsome investigation will generally be necessary to establish what has happened before decisions can be made around what action is required.

A well-constructed, thorough and robust investigation can be key to ensuring that complaints are addressed appropriately and in a way that is fair to all parties.

An external investigation protects against allegations of bias and increases the trust and confidence that can be placed in investigation findings. The investigator is an expert in weighing up conflicting evidence, assessing witness credibility, and in reaching findings that withstand legal scrutiny.

What we can offer:

  • Thorough, independent, and procedurally compliant investigations
  • Expertise and experience in working through complex workplace complaints
  • Well-reasoned findings that stand up to legal scrutiny.
  • Clear communication throughout the investigation process
  • A complete investigation report which our findings on whether any allegations can be substantiated whether any substantiated conduct amounts to a breach of applicable policies or employment obligations.

Our relevant experience:

  • Completing multiple independent investigations for a large public agency. These were investigations into alleged bullying and harassment.
  • Advising an Australasian company on a complex workplace investigation into, and disciplinary processes concerning, allegations of bullying, sexual and racial harassment against its senior leadership team.
  • Undertaking an independent investigation into a complaint of sexual harassment made against an employee of an NZX listed company.
  • Undertaking an independent investigation into employment and human resource practices at a multi-campus church, which resulted in a report to the Board.
  • Advising a multi-national on a complex workplace investigation involving allegations of sexual harassment against a senior executive.
  • Conducting an employment investigation into a large government department following a whistleblower’s comment to media with allegations of assault. We were asked to carry out a review of the department to identify any issues or systemic safety concerns.

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