Our governance structure strikes a balance between ensuring our partners are engaged and being able to make good, quick decisions.  

Our Board comprises an independent professional director who has extensive expertise outside the legal industry and partners from each of our five offices. Board meetings are held throughout our network.  

Our practice groups and industry sectors operate on a national basis and our structure incentivises the sharing of work. This ensures that all client work is carried out by the most appropriately qualified person or team.

Our Board is supported by our management team, responsible for all aspects of the firm's operations including business development, human resources, knowledge, information technology and finance.

Duncan Cotterill Board
Richard Lang - Chair
Brian Nathan - Partner
David Briscoe - Partner
Jessie Lapthorne - Partner 
Richard Smith - Partner
Sarah Townsend - Partner 
Bruce Cotterill - Independent Board Member
Gráinne Troute - Independent Board Member
Pete Boyle - Chief Executive

Management Team
Pete Boyle - Chief Executive
Anne-Marie Way - Head of People and Culture
Kirsten Wood - Senior Manager, Projects and Operations
Louis Himin - Head of IT
Michelle Cook - Head of Finance 
Saskia Glass - Head of Business Development and Marketing
Victoria Law - Compliance Manager