COVID-19 guidelines


Duncan Cotterill is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all partners, staff and persons who are impacted by our work.  

Duncan Cotterill’s priority is to ensure we do everything we reasonably can to protect and prevent all persons within our community being exposed to the risk of COVID-19.


These guidelines are effective from 19 September 2022 subject to any further NZ Government announcements that may impact on that timing or the terms of this policy. 


The purpose of the guidelines is to:

  • set out the obligations and responsibilities of all people covered by the guidelines;
  • outline Duncan Cotterill’s responsibility and commitment to ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for all workers, clients and visitors; and
  • ensure as far as reasonably practicable a safe and healthy workplace.


The guidelines apply to all workers, including (but not limited to) partners, employees, consultants and contractors who have been engaged to provide services to or on behalf of Duncan Cotterill.

The guidelines are subject to any changes to the NZ Government orders and or legislation enacted relating to COVID-19 pandemic and COVID-19 vaccines.


All workers are responsible for:

  • familiarising themselves and complying with these guidelines and office entry conditions;
  • ensuring they are aware of any safety requirements (including COVID-19 control measures) and firm guidelines and procedures that apply to their role;
  • where applicable, following official Government health requirements in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Office entry conditions

The following entry conditions apply to everyone entering our premises:

  1. You are currently feeling fit and well.
  2. If you have / have had COVID-19, you have complied with the Ministry of Health requirements before entering or returning to the office.
  3. If you are / were a household contact of a positive case of COVID-19 you have complied with the Ministry of Health recommendations.
  4. You have not been advised to get tested or self-isolate by health officials and are not currently awaiting test results.
  5. You will follow all reasonable health and safety measures as required by the Duncan Cotterill.

Flexible and remote working arrangements are available to our workforce where practical and as required. 

We encourage those who are / were a household contact of a positive case of COVID-19 to work from home for the period of the household contacts isolation if they are able to do so in their role.  We understand not all roles are equipped to do so, in which case you should follow the Ministry of Health recommendations as noted in point 3 of the office entry conditions (above).

Health and safety measures

All partners, workers, contractors, clients and others attending our workplace are required to comply with the standard health and safety controls and preventative measures which Duncan Cotterill may put in place from time to time.

The current control and preventative measures are outlined at the end of this document.

Given the speed with which the COVID-19 pandemic can evolve, any additional measures will be set out in the COVID-19 Standard Control / Preventative Measures Register as updated by Duncan Cotterill from time to time.

Where to obtain further information

If anyone has any questions about the guidelines and how they apply to them, they should speak with their supervising partner, manager or contact the People and Culture team.

Where can I find more information about COVID-19?

The firm recommends anyone seeking further information, or who has any health concerns, to speak to their medical practitioner. General information can also be found online at .


Duncan Cotterill will periodically review the guidelines and the need for such restrictions and requirements in accordance with NZ Government orders and or legislation enacted relating to COVID-19 pandemic.