State sector agencies

Government agencies operate in a unique environment. Ministers expect the highest quality advice, often at short notice, and the public scrutiny can also be intense. Our strength lies in helping agencies serve their Ministers and achieve their objectives by providing expert commercial and public law advice in a timely way. For example, the speed with which we moved to assist the Maritime New Zealand with a range of issues around the Rena grounding shows that we are proactive, agile, and committed to making a difference for public sector agencies facing scrutiny from the public, media and other regulatory bodies.

We also excel in providing long-term strategic advice to state sector clients. We take the time to understand the culture and objectives of each agency, as well as the regulatory and operational challenges they face. This means we are well placed to provide 'top of the cliff' advice that helps avoid problems further down the track. In short, our clients trust us to provide them with solutions that work.

While we provide first-class legal advice for our government clients, we understand that our advice needs to be shared within agencies and practical. So we write it in a way that can be readily understood by non-lawyers, for example policy and operations managers.

Duncan Cotterill is a member of the All of Government Legal Services panel. Consequently we advise a variety of state sector agencies across a growing range of specialist areas, particularly those that are property and technology related. For example, we have consulted for central government policy teams on property related legislation under review, including the Building Act, Unit Titles Act, Residential Tenancies Act and the Retirement Villages Act and on commercial legislation, such as the insolvency statutes.

We advise state sector clients, including government departments and crown entities, on public sector legislation, procurement, decision-making, public law related litigation and dispute resolution matters. We also work with a number of local authorities around the country.

If you would like to meet to discuss how our expertise can help your agency, please get in touch.

Engaging with government 

We can also assist businesses and organisations to engage with central and local government on policy and regulatory issues. For example, we recently made a submission on the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's Review of Securities Law discussion paper on behalf of our SME clients.

Our understanding of how the government develops, approves, and implements policy can be very helpful. We have particular expertise in how the policy and legislative process works in the complex MMP environment. We use our knowledge, expertise, and contacts to advance our client’s interests, and to help them build long-term relationships.