Christchurch Rebuild

The Christchurch rebuild has made substantial progress over the last two years. Construction activity is expected to peak in 2016. The inner city has been opened up and a number of landmark commercial buildings have been completed and occupied. SCIRT is 75% through its infrastructure rebuild programme and the majority of residential claims have been settled, providing a higher degree of certainty than existed two years ago.

While there are still challenges facing Christchurch, the people who live and do business here are moving from a recovery phase to longer-term regeneration. Christchurch is still an attractive market for people who position themselves to capitalise on emerging opportunities.

Commercial office space is expected to meet or exceed demand in the medium term, but there are opportunities in the development hotels, car parking facilities and hospitality as the central city precincts take shape. Opportunities also exist outside the central city, with vacancy rates for industrial property at five-year lows.

We are the largest firm in Christchurch and have strong relationships with professional services providers in the local market. We understand the nature of the Christchurch market, having worked with clients on some of the most significant property development and precincts projects in the central city over the last five years. We help clients avoid the common pitfalls that delay property development and construction projects. We can ensure your construction contracts are clear and functional, and work alongside you to manage risks around cost and time escalation.