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On 1 December 2020 the Privacy Act 2020 (the Act ) comes into force. For the first time in New Zealand, businesses and organisations who are found to be non-compliant with their obligations around collecting, storing, using and disclosing personal information risk committing an offence and a fine More »
Click here to view our NZ Hi-Tech Awards 2020 sponsor video presented by Wellington technology partner Scott Moran . Our specialist technology team advises a range of private and public sector organisations who purchase IT services and manage IT projects which are large scale and complex. We also More »
New Zealand businesses are facing unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. As we adapt to Alert Level 4, it is important to remind ourselves that, while privacy laws do not hinder measures taken in the fight against COVID-19, even in these exceptional times, businesses must ensure the More »
While many businesses have been signing electronically for some time, the current environment has a number of businesses seeking clarity on what they can and cannot sign electronically. Part 4 of the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017 ( CCLA ) (previously the Electronic Transactions Act 2002) More »
When Kodak famously outsourced its entire IT function to IBM it marked both the dawn of IT outsourcing as a business strategy and, arguably, the beginning of Kodak’s end. Since then, the breadth and prevalence of IT outsourcing has grown. It is common now to have third parties providing IT More »
The era of international GDPR enforcement arrives It’s been just over six months since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in the European Union. One of the key features of the GDPR is its extra-territorial application, set out in Article 3. The world has been More »
If you have been reading anything about the impending go-live date of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you might be feeling a bit daunted: more stringent data protection standards, heightened rights for individuals, harsher penalties on data controllers and processors for failing to More »
Twenty five years ago, when the Privacy Act 1993 came in to force, emails and the internet were in their infancy. Shopping wasn’t conducted online and delivered to your door direct from overseas, and social media hadn’t been contemplated. Scams came via fax machine or leaflets in your More »
A new Privacy Bill has been tabled in Parliament. It introduces some small but notable changes to the privacy regulatory framework in New Zealand. The Bill (once passed) will affect your business. Its passage through the parliamentary process is one you should keep an eye on. Below is a summary of More »
WannaCry is the computer malware "worm" that has been infecting computer business systems around the world in the last few days. It reportedly attacks a vulnerability in Microsoft Windows operating systems and locks users out of their own computer systems, demanding a ransom of about $300 More »