Video: NZ Hi-Tech Awards 2020 sponsor video

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Click here to view our NZ Hi-Tech Awards 2020 sponsor video presented by Wellington technology partner Scott Moran

Our specialist technology team advises a range of private and public sector organisations who purchase IT services and manage IT projects which are large scale and complex. We also work alongside the technology companies driving this sector, whether in start-up, emerging or made it on the local or global stage mode. The vast amount of work we do in this sector, the regularity of that work and the diversity of the projects gives us a deep understanding of what’s going on. We also keep close to the sector through our ongoing support, and long standing sponsorship, of the NZ Hi-Tech Awards. You can have total faith in the quality of our advice, our familiarity with the legal issues, and our understanding of the commercial challenges facing companies in relation to technology. Our team advise clients on:

  • ICT procurement processes, including negotiations, contract reviews, and service contracts
  • Working with clients on collaboration arrangements
  • M&A, capital raising and listing advice
  • Assisting with all aspects of establishing international structures and operating globally
  • Acquiring radiospectrum rights
  • Advising on regulatory issues in the telecommunications sector
  • Advising on other technology issues, including security, fair trading and competition, privacy, confidentiality and intellectual property ownership
  • Disputes resolution assistance.

Area of expertise

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