Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has become an indispensable tool for doing business. Our national team of ICT specialists work alongside companies to understand their technology needs and offer practical solutions that can save money, reduce risk, and improve data security; while taking a leading role in helping clients understand the risks around cyber liability.

As a nation of early adopters, New Zealand has embraced an ever-increasing and evolving range of ICT tools that make business easier, yet we still lag behind other countries in terms of cyber security, leaving organisations vulnerable to hacking, malware, ransomware and data breaches. Small and medium sized businesses are particularly vulnerable and make up the majority of victims from cyber attacks. As these tools become more embedded in the way we work and communicate, our strength is ensuring that your ICT contracts meet your needs and minimise risks.

Even large entities with outsourced IT services can be exposed. Publicity around issues like the Ashley Madison hacking and the failure of the outsourced Novopay school payroll system illustrate the significant operational delays, costs and reputation damage that can be incurred when ICT arrangements are not carefully managed. We have a proven record in this area and have helped a number of clients negotiate and implement significant ICT outsourcing projects

Our ICT team advise clients on:

  • ICT procurement processes, including negotiations, contract reviews, and service contracts.
  • Unfair contract terms in software contracts, online shopping, and mobile applications.
  • Protecting intellectual property.
  • Online businesses, including privacy and website terms and conditions.
  • Data and privacy obligations.
  • Procurement of tailored software and apps.
  • Public sector RFPs and government rules of sourcing.

Our experience includes advising:

  • A major aviation company on the procurement and implementation of a system for managing flight times and logging pilot hours.
  • IHC on the procurement and contract negotiations for their full ICT requirements including supply agreements with major technology providers.
  • A New Zealand university on licensing arrangements around its technology and intellectual property.